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Training for ASD Units

The Sunflower Clinic provides training workshops for primary school teachers and special needs assistants, working in ASD units. This workshop is designed to support teachers and SNA’s to understand sensory processing and associated behaviours, and to work more confidently with the implementation of sensory diets.  This workshop-based training offers a unique perspective with practical and relevant applications that will help teachers manage some of the complex issues that arise in relation to sensory processing.

Training Details

The training would ideally take 3 hours, but can be delivered as 2 sessions of approximately 1.5 hours each, depending on the time available to staff.

The cost of this training is €350.00 (plus mileage).

Assessment and Training combined

If there are particular children about whom you are concerned, we can organise an assessment package that will include an OT assessment and staff training to facilitate the implementation of a sensory diet for that child and monitoring by the OT afterwards.  The training would then include a case-study of the assessed child to act as a known reference point for staff.

Track Record

We have successfully piloted this project in other schools, and they have found it extremely helpful in managing regulation levels, concentration and attention, transitioning and motivational issues. The schools would be willing to provide a reference if required.

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