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Handwriting is a very complex skill that has a number of core components. It is required that a person has good posture, sound fine-motor skills and adequate visual perceptual skills. It also has a large motor planning component. Defects in any of these areas may impact a child’s ability to meet the demands of handwriting at school.

At the Sunflower Clinic, we carry out a range of age-appropriate assessments to determine if a child/adolescent has a problem in these core areas and we then provide recommendations to address these issues, which may include:

  • Sensory Integration Therapy to work on core skills
  • The provision of a scribe for state examinations
  • The allocation of additional time in state examinations
  • The use of assistive technology e.g. Laptop or Tablet

For younger clients, we run a series of group workshops focusing on developing those core skills to develop greater fluency and control of handwriting.

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