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Baby/Child Positioning

The Importance of Posture

Above all else, Begin early! Establishing good a good sitting posture from an early an age as possible is the best start possible for your child.

sunflower1Ensure your baby spends time engaging in activities that encourage neck control and build lower-back muscle strength.

sunflower1Slow and steady does it … don’t be in a rush for them to reach developmental milestones. Their muscles need time to adjust and strengthen – patience is the key and also makes the activity fun!!!.

sunflower1Try, if possible, NOT to use baby bouncers and walkers, which impact on the positioning of your child’s thighs. Walkers are a known safety risk and overuse of walkers can actually affect the development of walking.

sunflower1When choosing push chairs or car seats look for well-fitting options and seek professional advice if you are unsure of the recommended size for your baby’s weight or child’s age.

sunflower1Try to limit the use of car seats for babies to transportation only – when at home try as much as possible to have your baby on the floor/in a play pen.

sunflower1When carrying your baby, try to find a well-fitting baby sling and seek professional advice if you are unsure of recommended sizes or brands.

sunflower1Try not to use “Bumbo” seats if at all possible as these chairs tend to position your baby’s pelvis in a posterior tilt which is not ideal. In addition, babies are restricted in this position and not allowed to move.

sunflower1Safe to sleep (Back to sleep tummy to play): Try as much as possible to engage your child in tummy time, contrary to popular belief, expensive all-singing and all-dancing toys are not a necessity.  Floor time/tummy-to-tummy time with human interaction is the best stimulation available.

sunflower1When selecting a chair for your child, keep in mind the importance of “grounding” your child- in other words ensuring they feel safe and secure. (Imagine if someone asked you to complete a complex algebra problem on a stool with one wobbly leg…. if you had the choice you may prefer a stable base to aid concentration) with this in mind choose a chair with a foot rest or compensate by using a foot box/foot stool to support your child’s feet.

sunflower190/90/90: Think in the 90’s !! Aim for a 90 degree angle at your child’s knees, hips and elbows when sitting. A table too high or too low can negatively impact on colouring/ handwriting skills.

sunflower1If possible try to use a sloped writing board or a sloped desk for homework tasks. This will reduce forward slouching which can impact on oxygen levels (directly affecting concentration and engagement levels).

sunflower1Mind those backs! When your child is carrying books in their school bags ensure they wear both straps and make sure the straps are padded.

sunflower1If you are concerned about the weight of your child’s school bag, consider book splitting (e.g. having big books split in half).

sunflower1Try to avoid sedentary activities once your child has completed their school day – take a break between dinner and homework and encourage active movement rather than sitting watching TV or playing on a screen e.g. (phone/computer/nintendo/Wii/X-Box etc.)

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